Huestreet - AngelHack

Hustreet is a fun and extremely simple street style fashion "micro" blogging app for all Bill Cunningham wannabes. Huestreet was produced during the AngelHacks hackathon Nov 2012. To use it just log in with Facebook, snap a picture on the street of something you love , hate, or want to share, and it is added to your collection. You can then sort by color and create your own editorial collections to share with your social networks.

Huestreet was develop in November 17-18, 2012 for the AngelHack NYC Hackathon. One of the biggest hackathons in the city.


Valentina Camacho (Concept, UX  and Design)

Maria Rabinovich (Concept, UX - Front End Development)

Arunram Kalaiselvan (Back-End Development)